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It looks like it stops the rash after the first day! Wow! This is a great blessing! - E.S.
I started noticing changes with my skin the first week of using Nano Soma. I have experienced the most amazing results regarding what 1 call a sun rash on my arms between my shoulders and elbows. I have been struggling with this condition for probably 12 to 15 years. So it is really quite remarkable that I'm able to take the sun now! It looks like it stops the rash after the first day! This is going to give me courage to expose my arms more and test it out! Wow! This is a great blessing!
Thank you for sharing Nano Soma with me.

It looks like it stops the rash after the first day! Wow! This is a great blessing! - E.S.

I have had allergies since I can remember. For years, I used to lake Avil and Otrivin to manage my symptoms which included heavy, nightly congestion and uncontrollable, debilitating, sneezing bouts during the day (50-70 at a time). I took them for years as I could not sleep at night without them I did a full allergy evaluation and it was determined I was allergic to everything. In 2010. I had nasal polyp surgery and resumed Zyrtec and Nasacort more regularly on the doctor’s orders to prevent polyps from returning. I started using Nano Soma on July 23. 2015. and for the first 6 days I look only 3 Zyrtec tabs! And since then to dale (August 28, 2016), I have not taken any Zyrtec or Nasacort. I do have mild runny nose and mild rhinitis symptoms (csp after a glass of wine), and some nasal congestion in the mornings, but the symptoms come and go and I am able to carry on without medication. This is amazing for me alter so many years of medication dependency. I lost my sense of smell several years ago, and finally my sense of smell came back! Thank you for introducing me to Nano Soma. *Update: 1 year later: All is well and I am back on track - no sinus issues, no allergies, and I can smell (that is a mixed blessing though most days!) I can also enjoy my wine. So thank you again’!

I am back on track - no sinus issues, no allergies, and I can smell! - M.R.

This is my experience using Nano Soma for myself and my entire family. I am 35, my husband is
36. and my two daughters, ages 1 and 4. For overall wellness and immune system function: As I
just described, my family uses Nano Soma daily for immune system support, energy, and vitality. It is indispensable because it gives me peace of mind that I can naturally help enable the body's ability to heal itself and function properly. I use this for my children more than anything. It has become the most effective tool I have as a parent, aside from proper diet and exercise, to ensure their well-being. I wouldn't go a day without it. especially during cold and flu season. At the first onset of symptoms. Nano Soma confidently bolsters our immune systems and helps us get belter quickly. I truly panic when I start to run low on Nano Soma. There is no substitute. Il reliably keeps minor colds from becoming full-fledged illnesses, for my kids as well as my husband and I. We will continue to use daily for immune support .Nano Soma -- thank you for bringing an immense amount of holistic value to our lives’ We would be lost without it. It helps with everything I've detailed and so much more. Thanks again.

My family uses Nano Soma daily for immune system support, energy, and vitality. It helps with everything - S.B.

At the outset. I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for having been kind enough to give Nano Soma through my sister. My wife has started using it only ten days back. She has had a diabetic ulcer of the toe for at least three months, and it was showing no improvement with
antibiotics or dressings. We can sec remarkable progress in her toe in just a week of using Nano Soma

We can see remarkable progress! - V.

I wish to thank you profusely for introducing me and giving me a chance to try your wonderful
product. For about four years, I had a sudden Oral Spasms in my sleep, when my jaws would jerk together suddenly (like a single epileptic fit), and I would wake up in pain due to biting my upper/lower lip. inner checks, etc. My solution was to have my teeth ground by the dentist, every 4-5 months, so that the teeth arc blunt. That went on for 2-3 years. Then I went to a neuro-physician at the Military Hospital, and after various tests like EEG, etc., said nothing could be done except to medicate me every night so that I fell sedated and the spasms don't occur. The most amazing thing is that I do not have oral spasms in my sleep anymore!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Nano Soma

The most amazing thing is that I do not have oral spasms in my sleep. - Commander SM.

My friend told me about Nano Soma and shared her personal experience using it for her health
issues. I was thrilled to hear about her positive results, and decided to buy to bottle to sec if it could help with me. I've struggled with cold sores and canker sores for decades. After using Nano Soma, both issues have dramatically improved! Along with helping alleviate the pain from these mouth sores, Nano Soma has helped lessen the frequency and duration of sore outbreaks. Within minutes. I feel pain relief, and within days, the sores arc gone. In fact, my dentist of 18 years was very surprised to hear that I no longer struggle as much with painful and frustrating canker sores! Before Nano Soma, I was using Denavir prescribed by my doctor. With rising costs of prescription medication. Denavir increased from S25 to $500 for a tiny. 5-gram tube!! Furthermore. I had to continuously apply the cream-based medication, creating a wasteful and messy application. I love the convenience of the nano spray, and that it's all natural, without the harmful chemicals found in pharmaceuticals. Nano Soma has certainly been a great, cost-effective alternative for me. While providing relief from cold and mouth sores. It is unlike anything I've used! Thank you. Nano Soma!

I love the convenience of the nano spray! It is unlike anything I've used! - J.N.

About 4 years ago. I allowed my barber to use hair dye to blacken my hair with good quality hair
color, after my haircut. Within 3-4 months, I began to have itching on my forehead and front hairline. Soon, black patches began to appear and I developed itch on my forearms. I got the Army Hospital dermatologist to give me immediate treatment. I was given a Sunscreen Lotion (SPF-15), and various skin ointments that were tried by permutation. Nothing helped. I was to use sunscreen on my face everyday, before setting out of my house, even if it was a cloudy day. I was told my own melatonin had become sensitive to the sun. and I will have to accept the situation. When I first used Nano Soma on the black patches, I was surprised to see how quickly my skin healed! By God! After just 3 days of use, the black discoloration on my face became visibly light, and there was no itching on the face or arms. Now. the black discoloration on my forehead is completely gone, and I have been able to stop ALL my allopathic medications I’ve been taking since 2010. Thank you,
Nano Soma!

I was also surprised to see how quickly my skin improved and cleared after just three days of using Nano-Ojas. - M.

I have had success with clearing skin issues or shortening their duration through topical application of Nano Soma. I had an outcrop of small warts on my index finger as some kind of immune response, and within 30 days the warts disappeared. Since. I have had one small wart appear 6-7 months later on a different part of the same finger. With the same protocol, and catching it early, that single wart was gone within 10 days. On another note, during that initial course of treatment with the small batch of warts on my finger, I also had a good size plantar wart on the bottom of my left foot for more than two years. Within that same 30-day span, it disappeared. I couldn't believe it. It was just gone one day. With cold sores, it trims the painful part of the cycle to two days, and the lesion is gone five days later. A 7-day turnaround al worst. For hand foot and mouth, it cleared up my girls' rash within a week by just spraying it on the lesions. Thank you. Nano Soma!

Success with clearing skin issues! - S.B.

I want to Thank You So Much more the Nano Soma experience! Yes I know I was a skeptic- and it did take me years to give it a try-a chance. But I did finally try it! Il has changed my life for the better. I decided to try after seeing many others results. But most of all my granddaughters - she had pink eye and in one day. the very next day her eye was clear! All tho I don't know how it works? It just docs! My grandson had the same thing a year ago or so. And got prescribed eye drops - which resulted in over a week to clear it. So I tried Nano Soma. Well let me tell you it really works - I believe in it now. I have had allergies for years and was taking allergy meds, my eyes felt dry and at times they felt like I had a film over them - I had a lack of energy and also eczema. Eczema for me was very irritating - have been dealing with it for about 35 years - symptoms from itching which resulted in scratching it uncontrollably - at times making it bleed also thickening of skin and even change of color - have gone through many, many tubs of anti-itch cord ozone creams. Now I see the layers of thick skin peel away with the outcome of those arias looking and feeling normal! Had allergies for at least 7 years. Had gone through again many allergy meds- and the last few years I was taking Benadryl allergy pills every night - Not Good to that extent.
I did not mention above that I was struggling with hypothyroid for years and taking different hormone thyroid pills. Which I felt had a negative effect on my health - meds messed up my digestion which affected my whole being. My cholesterol was high, was borderline diabetic, developed irregular heart beat (it would skip a beat) and was susceptible to infections. I did get on a very healthy diet - Gluten free, no sugar, dairy free - pretty much and slopped all thyroid medications 2 years prior to Nano Soma.

It really works! - A.K.

Within days of starting Nano Soma my energy is back - my eczema gone - my eyes clear and clean -and my allergies no edition of other meds - no creams for eczema - wow pretty awesome I would say - and all it takes is a decision to give it a chance and trust.
I can honestly say I want to continue Nano Soma because it's safe and I have seen and felt positive effects. I was spraying Nano Soma on all the affected areas - now I spray 3 squirts in my mouth 2 to 3 times a day and other areas of skin and eyes as needed. So Thank you again for caring and not giving up on wanting to help me!

My journey to healthier being.

The first time I tried nano Soma was when I had a sore throat and noticed it helped me recover faster. Then. I started using it when I felt run down. Eventually I progressed to using nano every day in place of supplements. It stabilized my energy so I wouldn't have lows during the day. I use nano on my face because I tend to have dry skin. During certain times of the year my skin gets so dry and itchy. I started spraying nano on it so it would soothe the itching. Il was calming and soothing after being out in the sun. It helped getting rid of sunburns quickly.
Another time we used nano was on our vacation. My family went on a trip to Cuba with group of
people with all different skin types. We spent a long time out in the sun on the first day which caused everyone to bum to a certain extent. My fair-skinned friend turned bright red.
I sprayed the burnt part of her skin with nano for a couple days. The bum calmed down and she
didn't peel. We found it best to use on clean skin after coming in from the sun.
Using nano for my kids: The biggest one that sold a lot of people was my daughter’s pink eye.
Five days prior to the pink eye, my daughter was really sick. She had extreme sore throat,
congestion in nose but no fever. She was gargling with salt water and spraying nano in her throat. As the sore throat went away, she woke up with pink eye in just the left eye. We decided to try spraying nano in her eye to see if it would help.
We noticed alter 10-15 minutes after spraying in the affected eye. the area around the eye would become red. and she felt a warm, tingling sensation around that area. I used chamomile tea bags and coconut oil after the nano spray to combat the skin response. The redness would fade away within an hour but return at next administration of spray. This only happened to the affected left eye. I recall using the spray on my daughter’s foot last year for a bee sling. Her foot began to swell a bit and turn purple after using nano, then it became normal the next day. This was a similar reaction she experienced when nano began to pull out the toxins.
The first day her eye began to ooze and drain out. Within 24 hours, it was gone. We used about 15 sprays in her eyes over 24 hours.
The next day her other eye started to look like pink eye, but it really looked more like irritation
from blowing her nose. From day one, we were spraying it in the unaffected (right) eye to be
cautionary. The thing I loved about it was that it didn't spread much from eye to eye, and it didn't spread to the whole house! One other person always seems to get contract it and that didn't happen this time.

I progressed to using nano every day in place of supplements. - K.T.

My family calls this magic in a bottle. About a year ago, my two little ones and myself contracted
hand, foot, and mouth disease at the same lime. We were miserable with itching and pain from blisters. During this lime. I was introduced to Nano Soma. I sprayed it directly onto the blisters on
my children and myself. I was a bit skeptical at first. We're an organic family and I'm not one to
just use anything, especially on my children, because it will make them/us feel belter. Immediately, our blisters started drying up and there was little to no itching... we were in heaven. Of course I wanted to know what else this would help with in our family.
My daughter (2 years old at the time) developed a rash from a reaction to a food. We sprayed it
over her rash and it eliminated all issues (rash disappeared and my daughter wasn't itchy).
For most of my life, I have had cold sores on my lips. I've always been hesitant in taking a daily
pill to prevent them and have preferred a naturalistic approach. Cold sores arc tingly, painful, and embarrassing. The minute I get a tingle on my lips. I spray Nano. I haven't had more than one cold sore for an entire year...after 30 years of gelling them! AMAZING.
Any lime my children (ages 7 and 3) arc starting to get sick (runny nose or sore throat) with a cold, I spray it directly in their mouths to completely stop the cold from coming. I've done the same for myself, but I rarely get sick.

I haven 'I had more than one cold sore for an entire year...after 30 years of getting them! AMAZING. - L.M.

This is my important synopsis after having nano Soma. My arthritis trouble disappeared alter taking nano Soma. and I was able to climb up and down the stairs and the great one is I climbed all the way in Oregon Caves. when I get pain in my leg or abdomen I spray directly on the skin, wherever the pain is on that part and I am relieved.Anything on my skin mosquito bite or boil or any eruptions I spray on that it disappear.Any small cut wounds I use Nano Soma.l thank the Nano Soma inventor and I am greatful to Tinny and Nithasha .Thankyou.

I climbed all the way in the Oregon Caves. • G.H.

I am pleased to share with you my experience with Nano Soma spray. In late 2015, during a four
month period of immobility while recovering from knee surgery. I developed several open wounds on both of my legs. The more severe wounds were on my left leg. and although I was treated and discharged twice by a local hospital's Wound Care department, one persistent wound on the sole of my left foot never completely healed. It continued to weep fluid, and often opened to the point where I was near nine on the pain scale.
Now 15 months later, on January 19, 2017,1 applied two sprays of Nano Soma to the wound on my left foot, and I was immediately pain free for 12 hours. The pain returned briefly, with less
intensity, and eventually went away completely.
I had just been seen by a lymphedema specialist, a nurse who expressed concern over the lingering wound on January 17, but was delighted one week later to sec how it was beginning to heal, five days after applying Nano Soma. A photo of the wound was taken live days after two sprays of Nano Soma was applied. The wound is closing and the pain is gone!
Thank you for providing this miraculous, essential product.

Sincerely, SH

I applied two sprays of Nano-Ojas to the wound on my left foot, and I was immediately pain free for 12 hours. - S.H.

I would like (o express my gratitude to Nano Soma for the beneficial results I've had using it in just a short period. Before starting my daily morning sprays into my mouth, about 3-4 squirts. I had suffered a year of rhinitis and sinus related problems, which include sneezing attacks of 10 to 15
sneezes in bouts that occurred throughout the day. normally up to 5 limes. Now. after three weeks. I hardly ever sneeze, and if 1 do it never is more than two or three sneezes once a day. I'm not sure why and how I've had such a remarkable improvement with the use of Nano Soma. but it certainly makes my days more bearable. Related to all this is my nighttime snoring and regular coughing, probably due to the stuffiness and mucus, have been notably reduced to only occasional snoring which is not as annoying as it used to be and with very little coughing now, which my partner is also very happy about since it had made uninterrupted sleeping through the night only a dream before as I'd snore and cough so frequently that neither of us slept well. Another benefit I've noticed from my daily Nano Soma sprays is that my rheumatoid and osteoarthritis related swelling and aches in my joints, especially my feet. hips, shoulders and hands, have cased, even the ongoing sense of having excessively warm feet and hands has become less noticeable. What's more, this last week I caught a bronchial cold, and what would normally have lasted two or more weeks was over after about 5 days. I attribute these improvements the the effectiveness of Nano Soma. and having tried both OTC and prescription medicine in the past, this is really wonderful because I truly want to limit the medicine I have to take if it's possible, I prefer to treat conditions in the most natural ways without the added side effects of medicines. The only thing I would say on a constructive side is the undefinable taste of Nano Soma. which I suggest should have a more desirable flavor. Thank
you so very much!

My rheumatoid and osteoarthritis related swelling and aches in my joints, especially my feet,hips, shoulders and hands, have eased! • M.T.

When I started using Nano Soma. I had an ongoing phlegmatic problem that caused an annoying
need to clear my throat by coughing and swallowing, but alter about one week of using Nano Soma, I noticed a definitive reduction in my needing to clear my throat as well as not having that
horrible coughing, which as a smoker I appreciate greatly. Alter about three weeks now, the
phlegm in the back of my throat is practically gone. In addition to this. I noticed that my early
morning sensitive stomach, linked to my throat problem, has diminished and I can have coffee and breakfast without feeling a nauseous lack of appetite. It used to be difficult for me to cat something in the morning, but after a few weeks of spraying Nano Soma into my mouth every morning upon waking up. I feel no more sensitive stomach symptoms and can enjoy breakfast
without feeling the queasiness of a tight stomach or having digestive problems. Before using
Nano Soma. I had tried pharmaceuticals for both my throat and stomach but found them futile as they only temporarily camouflaged my symptoms which were replaced by other symptoms such as dizziness and fatigue or later came back much worse as soon as I stopped using them. Nano Soma is a very easy spray to use and has truly been wonderful for me. This last week. I have had a cold which has not gone into a full bloom bronchial condition as usual when I get sick, in fact, it has been only a little sensitive throat and a bit of blowing my nose with hardly any coughing. I have spoken to friends about Nano Soma and they arc already looking for it on Amazon! It's natural and easy to use. no side effects and it works! A great discovery for me!

After a few weeks of spraying Nanoojas into my mouth every morning upon waking up. I feel no more sensitive stomach symptoms. - E.P.