NANO SOMA Immune Spray

NANO SOMA Immune Spray

Our patented spray improves energy and strengthens immunity. This plant-based, nanoemulsion containing policosanol delivers a safe, revolutionary method of helping the body restore key biological functions. This video introduces NANO SOMA.

Supplement Facts:


Serving size:  5 sprays in mouth once a day
Policosanol 0.50% 
Sucrose Monolaurate0.48% 
Vitamin E TPGS2.00% 
Potassium Sorbate0.25% 
Citric Acid0.19% 
                                                It is for the 5mg/ml product.


Your Health & Longevity

  • Policosanol Nanoparticles in liquid formulation
  • Serves as a natural Vitamin D substitute
  • Modulates the immune system
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Provides antiviral and antibacterial protection
  • Enhances wound healing
  • Repairs damaged blood vessels and scar tissues
  • Increases cognitive function
  • Assists cardiovascular health
  • Corrects the underlying health problems
  • Improves longevity and reverse aging
  • Regulates abnormal biomarkers

Usage for health maintenance

Adults 18+ : 3-5 sprays in mouth once a day

Ages 6-17   : 2-3 sprays in mouth once a day

Ages 0-5     : 1-2 sprays in mouth once a day