Where are the double-blind trials for NANO SOMA?

Some people ask, “Where are the double-blind trial results?”.

This question arises from the assumption that we readily make in our modern world.

NANO SOMA is made from food and water we eat and drink every day, has no known side effects, has been in use for 10 years for improving many health conditions as demonstrated in this 60 pages of testimonials and is safer than salt and sugar.

NANO SOMA is completely natural, being made mostly from pristine Swiss water and with a small percentage of a nanoemulsion of policosanol, along with some other minor ingredients to ensure its stability. We consume all of these ingredients as part of our daily food intake, and all the ingredients are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the US FDA. And so, there is simply no reason to consider conducting double-blind trials for NANO SOMA. Double-blind trials are never run on food or water, and this is what NANO SOMA is.

Further, there is a strong argument that these so-called double-blind trials do not actually provide the protection and the evidence that is claimed for them. This paper from Nature illustrates this very well, and this article adds to the questions surrounding this practice.