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Plant-based nanoemulsion to strengthen immunity & repair skin

As a nutraceutical supplement made from everyday food and pristine water, NANO SOMA does not require FDA approval. Neither is this website providing any medical advice, nor are Cosmic Connections (International) Limited’s associates medical doctors. For medical advice, please consult your doctor. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


What is NANO SOMA?

NANO SOMA (US Patent 8,722,093 Metadichol®) is a nanoemulsion of long-chain alcohols found in many foods. It is commonly called policosanol and is present in foods such as rice, sugar cane, wheat and peanuts. NANO SOMA acts on nuclear vitamin D receptors (VDR) (US Patent 9,006,292 Metadichol®) that are present in cells throughout the body to stimulate the immune system and inhibit a variety of disease processes. NANO SOMA is also sold as Nano Ojas in Europe.

What is SOMA?

The drink of the Gods prepared with plant juices.
Soma exists as forms of Feeling, Love, Creativity and Inspiration
Cultivating Soma means cultivating the fuel of devotion, receptivity, love and surrender.

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Has NANO SOMA been independently verified?

Yes. In fact, all of the testing of NANO SOMA has been independently conducted.

The Spiritual Connection

“Vaitheeswaran” temple’s (in English means Doctor’s Temple) pond in India has no bacteria in it because of natural NANO SOMA

Although this pond looks murky, there are no bacteria growing in it. It has been tested. This is because a ritual at the temple involves blessing jaggery (raw sugar) and throwing it in the pond. Jaggery contains the constituents of NANO SOMA.

This temple is believed to be 5600 years old. Devotees worship jaggery and immerse it in the temple pond that is believed to cure 4448 diseases. 

The unrefined sugar contains policosanol, the active ingredient of NANO SOMA.The policosanol is removed by the refining process for sugar, rice and other grains. 

Nano Soma

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